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Galleries 201 and 204, Atrium and outdoors

Several works from the Collection occupying different locations in the Museum are also included in the exhibition Art and Space, which is mostly presented in the galleries of the second floor. Both the Atrium and one of the terraces feature two large sculptures by Eduardo Chillida: Advice to Space V (1993) and Embrace XI (1996). Also the Atrium and several scattered places of the second floor will house different components of Sergio Prego’s Sequence of Dihedrals (2007), an automated device specifically conceived for the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in 2007, accompanied by models and drawings.

Agoramaquia (The Exact Case of the Statue) is presented within Art and Space in two versions. Gallery 201 features “the complete version” of the work, which includes a concrete base and a poster with an essay by Mendizabal on the trials and tribulations of the production of Jorge Oteiza’s last sculpture, whose shapes are evoked by Agoramaquia.

As for Marcius Galan, the Brazilian artist Marcius Galan intervenes directly in the walls, floor, and ceiling of the gallery by means of tints and plays on light that create the illusion of a glass panel that bisects the space diagonally.

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